1. I Don't F**K With You

Wrapped In Rhythm: 

The Sexuality, Stereotypes, and Self-Concept of Black Women through Rap Lyrics 


2. Hot Boy

3. No Type

4. Black Widow

5. L.A. Love (La La) 

6. Beg For It

7. Lifestyle

8. Only 

9. CoCo

10. Try Me

Top 10 Rap Songs on the Billboard Chart!

     Wrapped in Rhythm is a site created to increase the consciousness of black youths regarding their engagement in pop culture, particularly rap music. Music does not only serve as a means of entertainment for youth of color, but also as a space where they use their voice to address personal concerns. However, are black youths actually being attentive to the words they are singing and listening to? Are they aware that the most popular songs among us, sexually objectify girls and women, support stereotypes that are used to degrade females of color, and influecnes the way that women and girls think of themselves? The analysis of the selected songs are based on observations, experiences as a black college student, and interpretations of the works of black feminist scholars.